Anna Ewers in ‘No Debutante’ by Alasdair McLellan for Vogue UK, September 2015

Anna Ewers rages against the machine in ‘No Debutante’ shot by Alasdair McLellan for Vogue UK, 09/15. Taking us back to a time when color was less a choice of hue than a statement of authenticity. This glowing fashion-flashback embraces the 80’s by paying homage to the power of presentation. Rediscovery is upon us as each image captures the idea of modern era-hopping. Stylist, Kate Phelan, digs into another decade with vintage designs inspired by the act of creative clashing. Primary colors pop with pieces that appear to have been preserved. Shapes were severe and graphics extreme in this exquisite time of tectonic overplay. From a jacket sprayed with graffiti to a dress covered in giant zig-zags, the art of embellishment erupts. Honoring conceptual excess, this display is preserved with a pouffed-up party sleeve marking the time in haute history. Makeup overtakes the face as Val Garland rediscovers the nuance of neon. Features get all fired up with stripes of blush racing up the cheeks, embolden by a dark beauty mark. Eyes are divine with a defiant liquid line that circles the lids that lead to a show. Shadows dare to explode as blue breaks free flying out the sides like wings of fire. Creative cosmetics erupt with red lips that speak chic. Hairstylist, Duffy, keeps coiffure clean with a pulled back dew designed to show off the over-sized hoops. Reminding us of a time when art was an extension of the body. People weren’t stuck to their phones, like unoriginal robots, they were interactive. Each day was an opportunity to shine as sidewalks were more of a catwalk than simply a street. Not to be out-done, this unique era depended on something we are sorely lacking these days… a true connection.

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