Avery Blanchard by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello for Numéro China, 08/15

Avery Blanchard revamps the concept of metamorphosis in the Face issue by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello for Numéro China, August 2015. Paint drips in excess over the skin as layers stack on top of each other. Surreal imagery is enticed by liquid, slowly being poured over the entire body. Shapes are formed in a fusion of fantasy as fashion explodes in a plethora of patterns. Vintage styles make the rounds alluding to the world that it’s melting away. Beauty blends together, as liquefied rainbows slide down the sides of the head. Avery invites us to fly, in this tale that plays more like a live art installation than an editorial layout. Wild combinations burst onto the scene in a story set to scream. The art of pop penetrates the page as neon infused paint washes like an overlay of anime. Rie Omoto creates a face that looks like it’s makeup free, but is concealing a secret. Soft features come alive, with high-pitched brows bleached into another dimension. The skin is prepped and ready to show, as primary colors go with the flow. Intense pigmentation co-mingles in close proximity, yet stands defiant as it shine alone. Lines are cast in a rich flavor as they make their way down the curves of creation. Like finger painting done on a palette, Rie reaches in, touching the skin at every angle. All features are covered equally as mellifluous fluid flows over the entire face. Hairstylist, Romina Manenti, keeps the locks bouncy and free, giving this human painting a surprisingly clean effect. Succumb to the gooey-rich glamour of molten body lava, as we allow ourselves to fall into chromo-color madness. Fade into a mind-melding mix of fun, as syrupy movements drip in decadence and dynamic shades saturate. “Language was available only to those who shared its tongue, while painting was universal. It ought not hang its head before the presumed superiority of poetry and prose. Painting pours ideas into our minds, while words only drop them little by little.”

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