Juliette Lewis in ‘She’s All That’ by Zoey Grossman for NO TOFU Magazine, Fall 2015

Juliette Lewis shows us another side in ‘She’s All That’ by Zoey Grossman for NO TOFU Magazine. Baring the body of a Prima ballerina, this beautiful creature proves that age truly is just a number. A viable rock star, a stunning actress and an amazing human being, to me it looks like this girl has just gotten started. Stylist, Anna Katsanis, captures the rapture of couture by redefining the modern muse of dressing. Skin on skin takes you in with embellishments so poetic each piece penetrates the page. The Blonds project power by enveloping the story with a force field of avant-garde fashion. Glitter shines like diamonds as (Makeup Artist) Su Han leaps from ethereal to extreme. A glow of goodness emanates from the face with seraphic energy that surrounds the skin. The art of beauty erupts, as dark brows provide cover making lids look like they are lit from within. Angelic features float on air with ferocious colors that inspire strength. Blush rushes so high that pink floods the upper-face, appearing to bleed right into the eyes. A beacon of brilliance hits the cheeks, passing over the lips and leaving in a trail of twinkle. Hairstylist, Jamal Hammadi, creates captivating coiffure as each shape shifts with a change in emotion. Half the head escapes the boundary of full braids by leaving the untamed dew to dance into another dimension. Flesh fuels the fantasy as each image culminates into an explosion of riches. Juliette embraces her independent spirit by taking a journey to the center of the soul.

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