Kim Kardashian West in ‘No Ordinary Woman’ by Ben Hassett for Violet Grey

Kim Kardashian mimics the majesty of myth and splendor in ‘No Ordinary Woman’ by Ben Hassett for Violet Grey. The memory of Elizabeth Taylor floods the page, with modern images that reflect her role as, The Queen of Ancient Egypt. Cleopatra comes to life as Pat McGrath transforms one of today’s most recognizable stars into a picture of the past. Seeing the face of something unique, our minds are open to the idea transformation. No Ordinary Woman indeed… McGrath takes three iconic figures, famous in their own right, an forges a renewal of strength. By embarking on a journey of change this story invites us to travel to another time. This piece penetrates the walls of modernity, allowing us to appreciate women’s place in history. Exquisite shapes line the eyes as jet-black designs capture a compilation of Kohl. A majestic whale swims off the skin as a butterfly flaps her Auric wings. McGrath explores the exotic opulence of 3-D beauty by redefining the art of modern makeup. Golden lids erupt with shadows that pay homage to the cosmetic creation of, Cleopatra. Adorned in bejeweled brilliance, exotic gems are affixed to the area around the lids. Flawless features provide backing by incorporating three dimensions into each image. Lost in a state of sublime splendor this lures us into a life of luxury. Inspired by the magic of Bert Stern’s original works, these captivating close-ups celebrate the synergy of existence. Named after Taylor’s eyes, The Violet Files, fuel the fire of the female spirit. A poignant piece of poetic invention, by recreating the looks of yesterday we see a pathway to tomorrow.

The Violet Eyes of Yesterday

Will Be What They Will Be

Of Silent Days and Sordid Nights

Sees All That They Can See

Beauty Comes On Winds of Wild

Running Free, Like a Wayward Child

Open Arms Into the Sun

Where I Will Dance to Songs Unsung.

original poetry – tanyajo

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