Rita Saunders by Léa Nielsen for Dansk Magazine, Fall/Winter 2015

Rita Saunders captures a mish-mosh of manic fashion by Léa Nielsen for Dansk, Fall/Winter 2015. Shapes speak to a spectacle of sensation in this compilation of high creation. Patterns compel us forward with dynamic imagery that invites us to explore. Stylist, Darryl Rodrigues, voices the language of linear design by capturing the construction of graphic collage. Like a work of modern art, the craft of couture comes together as aerodynamic artistry screams to be seen. Amorphous abstraction takes the form of feckless wanderings, forcing fabrics together that are diametrically opposed. Lines make their way around the page like so many words dying to take flight. The madness of makeup erupts as Anthony Preel delivers an collusion of airbrushed illusions. White paint covers the face as silver glitter lightens the skin, leaving half-masked features to hide in plain sight. The future is here with eyebrows that go from invisibly exotic to defiantly drawn. Blue blasts the orbs as red rushes over the hair, diving down the cheeks and onto to the chin. A glossy heart is drawn over the mouth as lines extend from the lips, reaching out in faux precision. Nude beauty speaks to the strength of silence as color rushes in refined reverie. Hairstylist, Javier Palacio, covers the dew with silver, sectioning off the center and shaving down the sides. Intense shapes celebrate the sensation in this reinterpretation of coiffured creation. Architectural pictures penetrate the page, embarking on a journey of self-discovery.