Anabel Krasnotsvetova & Hyun Ji Shin in ‘Bangerz’ Ben Hassett for Teen Vogue, 09/15

Anabel Krasnotsvetova & Hyun Ji Shin play three wise makeup monkeys in ‘Bangerz’ by Ben Hassett for Teen Vogue, September 2015. A conceptual take on the proverbial principle, ‘see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil’. These three mystic apes, as they are known, provide an interesting parallel to the idea of symbolic synergy. The philosophy of ancient wisdom says, “let the eyes fast, let the mouth fast, let the ears fast.” Stylist, Zara Zachrisson, mimics the flash of the face with avant-garde fashions that fare from the body. Layered outfits fuel the fire, from a teal honey-comb turtle neck to a silk blouse with origami folds. Blue knit reveals chaotic undercuts designed to showcase the neon yellow below. While interwoven metallic lamé shines from behind, as hand-knit flowers are sewn together to create a tapestry over the top. Intoxicating imagery invites us to explore as Lisa Eldridge celebrates one of the most eye-popping makeup stories of the season. Conceptual creations bring the brain into the mix, tempting us to touch. Optical illusions set the mind spinning with elements that give this editorial a Beautifully Bizarre sentiment. Thick black liner is traced under the lids extending out in either direction, as see-thru shadows show through the dynamic use of orbital design. The face pulls us in, from glossy and clean to a neo-naked dream. The fluidity of creative cosmetics written through the prose of visual poetry. Words of wonder written on the lips deliver a scintillating surprise. “This is my dream color; the kind of amazing, fairy-tale red that goes on for miles, Eldridge reveals of the velvet ribbon used.” Art avows; See No Evil… with a blanket of black hair hiding the lids, Hear No Evil… with hands covering the ears, and to Speak No Evil… appearing as if liquid mesh is sewn over the mouth. Lined with exotic items, from silver beads and tiny bubbles, the lips are left to deeply devour. Each picture penetrates the page with a loud message that screams to be seen. Hairstylist, Tamara McNaughton flies so high she almost reaches the sky with a brave blend of dueling dyes. Colored strands seize the day from playful pigments of purple/grey. The oracle of infallibility is witnessed in the structure of symbolism. Beauty bares itself in the form of face painting, as human nature is echoed in the art of skin sculpture.

Ben Hassett 'Bangerz' for Teen Vogue September 2015 2 Ben Hassett 'Bangerz' for Teen Vogue September 2015 4 Ben Hassett 'Bangerz' for Teen Vogue September 2015 6 Ben Hassett 'Bangerz' for Teen Vogue September 2015 7 Ben Hassett 'Bangerz' for Teen Vogue September 2015 8 Ben Hassett 'Bangerz' for Teen Vogue September 2015