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Daphne Groeneveld is devoured by her need for ‘Desire’ by Hugh Lippe for Vs. Magazine, Fall 2015. Unrequited love plays a silent part in this visually stimulating filmic ride. Relish in the modern revival of King Kong, one of the most classic fantasy films in American History. Showing like a story-board, the need for danger outweighs her fears as she dares to explore the truth. Agony sweeps over each page, as we find ourselves seduced by the looming of growing doom. Daphne devours her part as the blonde bombshell with a twist, in this polished take on the primitive tale. Sweet on the inside daring on the out, like hard candy this gets more delicious with each lick. Stylist, Keegan Singh, dresses her in decadent fare with fashions that find the characters flare. From the original telling with Fay Wray as the lead, this version invites us to image the underlying details. An aire of the disenchanted mixed with the lore of the lucid, an insatiable appetite overcomes as she fights to be free. Sequins steal the show with purple embellishments lighting up the night. Feel the story shift from black/white to full on color as we experience the scenic view from every angle. A femme-fatale portrays power as (Makeup Artist) Cyndle Komarovski shows us the face of pure perfection. Stunning features fulfill the archetypal theme in this harrowing take on the Beauty and the Beast fable. Wide eyes allow us to see as darkness lines the lids, leaving a frosted hue to overcome the optic area. Shiny skin is lit from within as exotic shades explode. Passion speaks in circles as deep, red rages on… lips lure with their ability to arouse, while they can kill with their might to bite. Twists and turns tweak the original score while savage seduction aims to endure. Hairstylist, Owen Gould, captures the luxury of the damsels bright dew as he lets the blonde hair lead the way. Silken strands fall down her back in a fluid flow, only to realize the buoyancy of the bounce. Primitive in its nature the theme of unrequited love lasts forever.

daphne-groeneveld-by-hugh-lippe-vs-magazine-fall_winter-2015-01 daphne-groeneveld-by-hugh-lippe-vs-magazine-fall_winter-2015-02daphne-groeneveld-by-hugh-lippe-vs-magazine-fall_winter-2015-03daphne-groeneveld-by-hugh-lippe-vs-magazine-fall_winter-2015-04daphne-groeneveld-by-hugh-lippe-vs-magazine-fall_winter-2015-05 daphne-groeneveld-by-hugh-lippe-vs-magazine-fall_winter-2015-06 daphne-groeneveld-by-hugh-lippe-vs-magazine-fall_winter-2015-07 daphne-groeneveld-by-hugh-lippe-vs-magazine-fall_winter-2015-08 daphne-groeneveld-by-hugh-lippe-vs-magazine-fall_winter-2015-09Daphne Groeneveld Vs. Magazine Cover