Pop Magazine

Gisele Bündchen lets the camera get up close & personal in ‘Gisele Chanel/Chanel Gisele’ by Harley Weir for Pop Magazine, F/W 2015. By allowing the camera to enter personal space we see that truth is captured in every pore on her face. Physical closeness projects a sense of purity, as candid shots allow proximity to permeate the page. Stylist, Vanessa Reid brings haute couture up around the collar, with Chanel fashions that speak chic. Distinct details define designs, from satin and bows to square studs sewn together in linear perfection. Sun sparkles as (Makeup Artist) Sandrine Cano ignites skin to dance in the light. Naked eyes evoke an inviting aire as nude beauty is captured in the strength of the stare. Cheeks are kissed with a pinkish hue as bronzer brushes over the bones giving her a youthful glow. Soft shades lure us in as natural color makes the lips pop. Multi-dimensional figures fall loosely across the lids leaving angular beauty behind. Paving a pathway of tribal patterns, circles march in linear fashion as a halo floats around the face. White tears spill down the skin as a message of inspiration is sent. Gorgeous genes allow Gisele to use makeup more as a means of highlighting, than a source of coverage. Hairstylist, Sébastien Le Corroller, invites stray strands to obstruct the view in an attempt to project inner-power. This Supermodel walks the line of enticement as she balances a tightrope of truth.

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