Gisele Bündchen by Mario Testino for Vogue Paris, October 2015

Gisele Bündchen realizes you must first strip yourself down in order to be found by Mario Testino for Vogue Paris, October 2015. The body burns as Gisele shows that truth emanates from the inside-out. While she has always been able to fill the spaces before the camera, this girl has learned to expose herself in a real way. So say goodbye to the glamour days, this story is about what we feed on to get to the fire. Editor-in-Chief, Emmanuelle Alt, fuses the fashions of the moment with styles that speak from Miu Miu, Giorgio Armani, Moschino & Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane. Design is used as a calling card for passion with looks that range from sleek to full-on funky. Primary colors pop with solid shades of red, black, green, gold & blue that saturate the imagination. Like streets lined in graffiti the craft of couture consumes. From cowboy kickers covering leather pants, to thigh high stilettos & white wedged boots, sartorial artistry explodes. Forget the catwalk this woman is becoming one with the avant-garde camera. Makeup is used not as a source of coverage rather a rod of revelation. Modernity screams to be seen as Stéphane Marais captivates with a combination of clean and extreme. Dare to succumb to the sanctum of inner-beauty in this explosion of excess. Nude skin absorbs the light with a naked face except for the eyes. As peacock-blue blasts across the lids, leaving a rich hue to cast off in a choral of color. Azure melts into the backdrop, blending the same shade down the walls. Abdominal muscles stretch out as the body shows us a perfect specimen. Athletic with a sensual edge, limbs exude a neolithic energy inviting us to explore the curves of her shape. Hairstylist, Christiaan Houtenbos, portrays the fire of female spirit through the dramatic throwing of the head. The distant lands we seek are only those exquisite sites we find in the mind’s eye. A stunning revelation, you must first strip yourself down in order to be found. The Angel has left the building and where she’s flying is unknown.

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