Guinevere van Seenus by Theo Wenner for Purple Fashion, Fall/Winter 2015

Guinevere van Seenus breaks hold of the open sea by Theo Wenner for Purple Fashion, F/W 2015. The prose of visual poetry found in the commanding click of the camera. Art speaks its own language in this exquisite story set to sail. A tribute to the tyranny of ticking time. The body breaks open broadly as the heart follows suit. Stylist, Robbie Spencer, melds modern fashions as black manifests itself in the foretelling of truth. A parade of materials fall over the skin artfully caressing the curves of the body. From the slickness of leather to the smoothness of silk, images project a sense of salvation. This story reflects the attributes of quiet strength, with clothes that speak more to a state of mind than a state of wealth. While fashion can be seen as much an excess as a need. To avow feelings to project through sartorial means allows access for your soul to sing. To contemplate one’s place in the world, is to stop and look at that which surrounds you. Naked makeup captures the scene as unbridled beauty bares itself free. Purity is found on the inside as Jesse Kaufmann exposes us to an un-presumptuous pretty. Modernity is met with bleach out browns and simple eye-shadow, as a light brown color races around the lids leaving nothing but a leftover hue. Powder fares over the face, as features are captured by the swipe of a soft blush. Shades of silence covers the lips brandishing a light pink stain behind. Strands of emptiness seen in the hollow hangings of the hair. Hairstylist, Chiho Omae, lets the art ache in underlying numbness and pain cradle itself in chaos. Guinevere uses her body like a calling card of creativity, openly inviting us to partake in the passion. I’ll take my heart where dreams can fly, unto the open, ended sky, where all my pain will fade away, in a bubble made of clay. The Beach Beckons Me.

guinevere-van-seenus-by-theo-wenner-for-purple-fashion-magazine-fall-winter-2015 guinevere-van-seenus-by-theo-wenner-for-purple-fashion-magazine-fall-winter-2015-1 guinevere-van-seenus-by-theo-wenner-for-purple-fashion-magazine-fall-winter-2015-3 guinevere-van-seenus-by-theo-wenner-for-purple-fashion-magazine-fall-winter-2015-5 guinevere-van-seenus-by-theo-wenner-for-purple-fashion-magazine-fall-winter-2015-6 guinevere-van-seenus-by-theo-wenner-for-purple-fashion-magazine-fall-winter-2015-14guinevere-van-seenus-by-theo-wenner-for-purple-fashion-magazine-fall-winter-2015-4 guinevere-van-seenus-by-theo-wenner-for-purple-fashion-magazine-fall-winter-2015-13guinevere-van-seenus-by-theo-wenner-for-purple-fashion-magazine-fall-winter-2015-9 guinevere-van-seenus-by-theo-wenner-for-purple-fashion-magazine-fall-winter-2015-10 guinevere-van-seenus-by-theo-wenner-for-purple-fashion-magazine-fall-winter-2015-11guinevere-van-seenus-by-theo-wenner-for-purple-fashion-magazine-fall-winter-2015-2guinevere-van-seenus-by-theo-wenner-for-purple-fashion-magazine-fall-winter-2015-7 guinevere-van-seenus-by-theo-wenner-for-purple-fashion-magazine-fall-winter-2015-12 guinevere-van-seenus-by-theo-wenner-for-purple-fashion-magazine-fall-winter-2015-15guinevere-van-seenus-by-theo-wenner-for-purple-fashion-magazine-fall-winter-2015-8