Irene Hiemstra in ‘Cruella Devil’ Daniel Peter Schulz for UmnO Magazine, Fall/Winter 2015

Irene Hiemstra channels the famously feisty character ‘Cruella Devil’ by Daniel Peter Schulz for UmnO Magazine, F/W 2015. Irene dares to craft a cunning take on this (much loved) dark Disney Character. The antagonist for the animated feature, One Hundred and One Dalmatians, “If she doesn’t scare you no evil will – that’s Cruella de Vil“. A profound villianess, she captured our imagination with her wildly vicious take on the art of being cruel. “You… BEASTS! But I’m not beaten yet. You’ve won the battle, but I’m about to win the wardrobe.” Dressed in Louis Vuitton, this version evokes a more playful take on the original character, who’s open obsession with fur leads her to some seriously spotty things. Art Director, Domino, delivers a dynamic portrayal with solid shades of black/white covered in celebrated spots. Modern styles invite us to explore with designs the define the depth of darkness. Reinventing the concept of cunning, (Makeup Artist) Olivier Baille imagines the curves of her face fresh/clean. By removing the concepts of good vs. evil we are able to see her on a much deeper level. Each image pulls us closer in, as the artistry of purity is seen in the nakedness of the skin. Daring to bring in the nuance of nude each angle uncovers the synergy of truth. Dreaming to be seen, the game glows as intent grows. Wearing her lips in luscious red we see a symbol of strength. Hairstylist, Bruno Weppe, takes the concept outside the lines with a remake of the original two-toned style, I’m calling, shaggy-straight. Cruella wouldn’t be caught dead in a dew like this, for fear she’d be seen as a simpleton, or worse, weak. By overtly leaving out any indication of that unique color combination makes us feel like we’re avoiding the main premise of the play. While I respect the artistic integrity of the process of exploration, I did find myself missing an amalgam of the original duality. The ache of beauty captured in misplaced tyranny of temptation, spotted paws hold a cigarette in homage to the original piece.

irene-hiemstra-by-daniel-peter-schulz-for-umno-magazine-fall-winter-2015 irene-hiemstra-by-daniel-peter-schulz-for-umno-magazine-fall-winter-2015-3irene-hiemstra-by-daniel-peter-schulz-for-umno-magazine-fall-winter-2015-1 irene-hiemstra-by-daniel-peter-schulz-for-umno-magazine-fall-winter-2015-2 irene-hiemstra-by-daniel-peter-schulz-for-umno-magazine-fall-winter-2015-4 irene-hiemstra-by-daniel-peter-schulz-for-umno-magazine-fall-winter-2015-5 irene-hiemstra-by-daniel-peter-schulz-for-umno-magazine-fall-winter-2015-7 (1) irene-hiemstra-by-daniel-peter-schulz-for-umno-magazine-fall-winter-2015-6irene-hiemstra-by-daniel-peter-schulz-for-umno-magazine-fall-winter-2015-8 umno-magazine-Cover-fall-winter-2015-1 (1)

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