Kate Moss In ‘Kate Confidential’ by Mert & Marcus for Vogue Paris, October 2015

Kate Moss takes us inside in ‘Kate Confidential’ shot by Mert & Marcus for Vogue Paris. Moments in time are not what they seem, as the artistry of hope is captured in subtle markings of the extreme. To be catapulted into another realm is a fashion feat left for our reining queen (Ms. Moss). Editor-in-Chief, Emmanuelle Alt, interprets those crazy, decadent days with looks from Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane, Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci and Alexander McQueen. Able to turn the finest fare into scraps of party wear – that was the Magic of Moss. Both shy/severe her whole attitude seems to echo a stray array of depth/play. Never one to pretend, each image is like a peak into the processes of her mind. Dynamic designs that scream to be seen show she knows how to ignite a room. An ode to the art of becoming, (Makeup Artist) Lucia Pieroni lets the curves of her face curl around the camera. Naked skin speaks as each picture projects a different attitude. Sans makeup allows us to appreciate the bronzed beauty of her body, in all its natural form. A burst of blush rushes across the cheeks, as subtle shades fill-out the rest of the features. Soft tones play in harmony, letting one stray note hit high above the rest. As if her inner screaming could no longer be stifled, Kate emerges out of the dark into overexposed light. Coming out with a bang, she captivates us with smeared black eyeliner that wears like a mask of modernity. Hairstylist, Sam McNight, speaks in poetic harmony with loose styles that let her golden lox flow. 90’s intention with a 70’s edge, this tempting tale celebrates the evocative nature of letting go.

Light bursts through the window, breaking through the dark, opening up my spirit and touching my lonely heart. I ache for all the yearning that life has left behind, I pray for all the people whose heart is still to find… Scented Si, Between You & Me, Feel the Rhythm, Set Soul Free… poetic prose tanyajo

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