Lindsey Wixson in ‘Next Best Things’ by Anthony Maule for V Magazine #97, Fall 2015

Lindsey Wixson shows us her many sides in ‘Next Best Things’ by Anthony Maule for V #97, Fall ’15. Delving into her delicious flavors, Maule takes us on a roller-coaster of excitement, with images that implore us to explore. By opening our minds, this revives the idea that behind every corner lives the possibility for change. Stylist, Brandon Maxwell, promotes innovation, allowing each shot to show us something new. The art of aesthetics unfold as the texture of fabrics explode. Twisting and turning never looked so divine, from a vintage inspired pink party-dress to a blue jacket with giant bows. The queen of innocence comes alive with a white, fringe gown topped with an afro under a wicked crown. Patent leather chains cover the torso with big Mickey-Mouse ears popping off the top. As a poncho, decorated in graffiti, dangles down over a net bodysuit and knee-high boots. Decadence is devoured as each shot explores the concept of coiffed creations. The idea behind this is a full on festival of high fashion, as a plethora of posh pushes through. Deconstructionism comes undone as Wixson plays with the notion that… too much in never enough. Beauty bares itself as Alice Lane employs a no holds barred attitude to the arc of modern makeup. Hair and clothes endure a metamorphosis of change as the face remains the same. Blue bursts off the page with silky eye-shadow surrounding the lids, as pink blush pumps up the cheeks giving the pictures a semi-animated flavor. The curve of the cupid’s bow bursts free with raging, red lips that remind us of the power of the pout. Hairstylist, Ben Skervin, transforms this girl before our eyes letting her bask in the glory of haute hair. Wiggin’ out, styles go from a long braid and pig-tails, to a pink Stetson sitting atop a blazing, blue dew. Big hands speak to the idea of overdoing it in this playful piece of manic fashion.

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