Doingbird Magazine

Malgosia Bela gets deep and gets real by Colin Dodgson for Doingbird Magazine No.18. Like a body billboard, Bela wears shirts that say it all. Ascending to the top, she bares the weight of womanhood shown in statements of pride. Stylist, Sara Moonves, asks the art of ferocity to speak with declarative sentences strewn across the chest. Naked faces worn in honor of our fight to be free. Deep thoughts are caught in a chasm of creativity with cosmetics captured in poetic harmony. Natural marks salute the skin as (Makeup Artist) Gucci Westman uses beauty to tell the truth. Each image represents our struggle to be heard as we search to find our inner salvation. Bela breaks through the invisible wall to heal the wounds of the war on women. Knowing oneself is to know the meaning of self-love. Fighting the lies your mind tells you in order to believe, fashion is converted into flags of freedom. Historic facts comes at a price but the authentic value lasts forever. This story represents our struggle to exist in a world that doesn’t always serve us well. Hairstylist, Esther Langham, avails her long locks to flow as a symbol of reflection. Beauty bands together as a trio of floral bunches represent our power to change. Alone we may be strong enough to fight a single battle, but together we stand united, ready to win.   Images via; Fashion Copious.

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