Molly Bair & Suki Waterhouse in ‘Camera Obscura’ Yvan Fabing, Garage Magazine

Molly Bair & Suki Waterhouse play to the Dark Chamber in ‘Camera Obscura’ shot by Yvan Fabing for Garage Magazine, Fall 2015. The sartorial art of fusion is captured in the passion of poetry. Lights fall across the body in balletic movement as each piece pays tribute to the concept of creation. Fashion Director, Charlotte Stockdale, brings her unique vision to the page in this exquisitely, intimate editorial designed to defy. Defined by darkness illuminated by light, the arc of being is felt in the fashion of the phenomenal. Avant-garde accouterments embrace the androgynous frames, giving the feminine looks a masculine edge. Beauty becomes as, (Makeup Artist) Min Kim takes us on a tour of tomorrow. New faces take shape allowing each shot to revel in another. A bigger forehead deigns to begin as naked brows become one with the skin. From behind the wall of silence we peek through the looking-glass of life. Neo-nude eyes narrate our longing as somberness ejects a sense of real sadness. Darkness descends, as Mascara lashes out in faux, taking us on a trip through Twiggy. Glossy lips revolt in excess, with a cigarette dangling in defiance out of the mouth. Hairstylist, Alex Brownsell, goes from a flat-top dew burgeoning below, to a funked-out frizz that plays to the days of the 70’s. White feathers reach to the sky, as coif-fur sits on the scalp’s tip like hair on a head. Blackness bleeds down the face, as Fabing delivers a final click cast in a cradle of sadness. Art succumbs, as the power of each picture is felt through the unifying beauty behind the lens. In one of the most compelling stares of the season, Molly’s eyes will burn through your body as each photograph will break your heart.

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Rendered Images via; We are so Droeë.