Paolo Roversi ‘The Shining’ for Vogue UK, September 2015

Molly Bair leads the way in ‘The Shining’ a tale told by Paolo Roversi for Vogue UK, September 2015. ‘Autumn’s wickedly decadent opulence merges with a 21st century spin-off of Grandeur Punk’. Molly masters the art of bohemian bejeweled with a simple head-chain, captivating choker and an ornate nose ring. Stylist, Lucinda Chambers, forges a fusion of avant-garde fashions forward by Alexander McQueenErdemGucciLouis VuittonMarc JacobsMichael Kors, Oscar de la RentaSimone Rocha & Vivian WestwoodAamito Lagum is gorgeous in a rousing, lavender gilded Jacquard gown, while Paula Galecka peeks out under her headdress, with porcelain skin that makes the tribal mix pop. Kiki Williams embraces the artistry of the era with the heirloom intensity of vintage inspiration, while Line Brems goes golden with black Giuseppe Zanotti boots. Greta Varlese wears a pewter foiled day dress, letting Frances Coombe look divine with a severely spiked dew. Harleth Kuusik stuns us senseless in haunting headgear while bold brocades beguile with the punk look of Fernanda Ly. Paula Galecka evokes a hard edge as Marland Backus makes her mark with floral embossed fury. Olympia Campbell embraces the underlying theme with a daring take on the idea of ‘juxtaposed decadence’. Baroque beauty aims to become as Linda Cantello bathes in the dark waters of modern makeup. Adorned in elegance art unfolds in this evocative tale of time untold. Shadows settle into the skin as clashes of color invite passion. Dreamy eyes go from naked to extreme with lines that lure us straight to the face. Strikes of somberness seek asylum as ethereal shades wake the sleeping dragon. Drama is seen in the curl of the lips as deep cherry kisses make magic happen. CHRISTIAAN shows off his shear excitement with head-gear that shines. From scarfs and bands to exquisite millinery, the heat of haute coiffure inspires our imagination. By embracing both the past/future we are witness to a plethora of extreme pieces, some bring a vintage quality while others project a sense of what’s ahead.

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