Document Journal

Julia Nobis plays the part of a double-sided princess waiting to take flight in “Prada” an exquisite story shot by Willy Vanderperre for Document Journal, Fall/Winter 2015. Pretty with a twist, Nobis shows us how its done in this avant-garde fairy tale come to life. Stylist, Olivier Rizzo, matches unfinished crafts with a selection of Prada’s finest, for fashions that meet somewhere in the middle. The art of exposure invites us to play, in this passionate portrayal made with operatic undertones. To inhabit a position that offers both vision and drive is to find the nature of all things exquisite. Drama unfurls with neo-sporadic works strung together like modern theater. Beauty deigns to become as, (Makeup Artist) Peter Philips rides the curves of the face with a camera set to overexposed. Winged eyes fly through the night with a line of liquid running over the lid. The darkness of the fury hides behind the features, aching in earnest to be above. Like a black-bird taking flight, shadow bursts free, swooping up in ceremony over the sides of the skin. A straight line follows suit, as a stripe jets over the temples and rides straight up the cheeks. A moody mix matched in twisted harmony, as the essence of extreme is captured in the momentum of madness. Bright lights make the face looks like is covered in powder with nothing but a defiant line shown through the fog. Hairstylist, Anthony Turner, rides high with simplicity, by allowing each style to float like clouds of coiffure. Creativity speaks to the intrigue that infects adventure. Safety pins hold me together as silence tears me apart, as each images rides two sides of the same coin.

julia-nobis-by-willy-vanderperre-for-document-journal-fallwinter-2015-13Julia Nobis by Willy Vanderperre for DNA julia-nobis-by-willy-vanderperre-for-document-journal-fallwinter-2015julia-nobis-by-willy-vanderperre-for-document-journal-fallwinter-2015-8julia-nobis-by-willy-vanderperre-for-document-journal-fallwinter-2015-3julia-nobis-by-willy-vanderperre-for-document-journal-fallwinter-2015-1julia-nobis-by-willy-vanderperre-for-document-journal-fallwinter-2015-4julia-nobis-by-willy-vanderperre-for-document-journal-fallwinter-2015-5julia-nobis-by-willy-vanderperre-for-document-journal-fallwinter-2015-7julia-nobis-by-willy-vanderperre-for-document-journal-fallwinter-2015-6julia-nobis-by-willy-vanderperre-for-document-journal-fallwinter-2015-11 (1)julia-nobis-by-willy-vanderperre-for-document-journal-fallwinter-2015-10julia-nobis-by-willy-vanderperre-for-document-journal-fallwinter-2015-14 (1)julia-nobis-by-willy-vanderperre-for-document-journal-fallwinter-2015-9julia-nobis-by-willy-vanderperre-for-document-journal-fallwinter-2015-17Julia Nobis by Willy Vanderperre for Document Journal 9julia-nobis-by-willy-vanderperre-for-document-journal-fallwinter-2015-15julia-nobis-by-willy-vanderperre-for-document-journal-fallwinter-2015-16julia-nobis-by-willy-vanderperre-for-document-journal-fallwinter-2015-2