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Léa Seydoux plays both sides in ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ captured by Craig McDean for Vogue Uk, Nov. 2015. Sit back and let this talented French thespian take us on a trip to another world. Bilateral-Beauty allows us to see this character’s ferocity through the lens of duality. Ensuring that we never know which side is real, this diametrical blend proves to be a delicious way to play the game. Stylist, Kate Phelan, digs deep for a double-sided story that sends us into the stratosphere. Lovely Léa lures us in with powerful outfits that entice us to feel her fire. Black zips things up in zealous mastery, with wild areas that are marked for mayhem. The body beautiful slithers into submission, artfully assuming the right position. An unzipped trip invites us to explore, with leather so tight it tempts us with second skin. A dueling blend of types intermixed, the catsuit nips with a synthesis of sweet & salacious. Pretty in pink projects, as (Makeup Artist) Val Garland turns her focus to the cosmetic dark-side. Sultry eyes shine with glittered shadow, as liquid liner crosses the top of the lids. Brown fills in the brows framing the face with a mark of defiance. Features are punctuated by a pink mouth, as the taste of tempting titillates. Cloak & Dagger turns to black & white… as lips are filled with a black-cherry glow letting a solid shade steal the show. Hairstylist, Sam McKnight, takes the dews from a down-round to an up-do. Each shot changes in subtle shifts as the act of inspiration moves our minds.

Poetic Prose Tanyajo – The curves of the body covert in chaos, as the lines of the figure flirt with infamy. The dip of the hip, the swerve of the back, the swell of the breasts… beckons the attack to act. To feel the flirt… to heal the hurt… to take it on the tame, is the name of the game.   

Vogue UK - November 2015Vogue UK - November 2015Vogue UK - November 2015 Vogue UK - November 2015 Vogue UK - November 2015 Vogue UK - November 2015Vogue UK - November 2015 Vogue UK - November 2015 Vogue UK - November 2015Vogue-Nov-15-lea-seydoux-b