Lia Pavlova in ‘Gravity’ by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello for Numéro China, October 2015

Lia Pavlova is lost between here and there in the Gravity issue, by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello for Numéro China, October 2015. The act of atmospheric pressure gives way as each shot celebrates the beauty of between. Through the distant sounds of hallowed grounds we seek that which can’t be found. Art unfurls as we aimlessly wander through the center of the mind’s eye. Poetry penetrates the page, leaving us to imagine if this is real or an illusion. Stylist, Samuel Francois, saturates the story with futuristic fashions by Hood by Air, Maison Margiela, J.W. Anderson & Raf Simons. A compelling tale of torturous yearnings, opus unveils in an orchestra of ingenuity. Each frame is met with intrigue, as a sadness echos, vibrating through the bones of the body. Her stoic nature imbues a plethora of traits, all hitting the character like a blank slate. To feel passion from the inside out is a mark of true power. Twisted beauty beckons, spreading over the skin like syrupy sweetness. Color seeps into each feature, as (Makeup Artist) Rie Omoto saturates the face with an aura of otherworldly excess. Blue eyes pull you in with peach shadow lined with long lashes. As thick brows erupt above, breaking out against the ghostly backdrop. Rich red pops off the pale pallor with scarlet lips that scream to be seen. Each picture is filled with the fury of possibility, as we find ourselves lost in an ethereal dream. Hairstylist, Romina Manenti, cuts razor-sharp bangs straight across the forehead, leaving long locks to hang down in darkness. The ultimate question remains; is the cake finished when the frosting is complete? Pale skin speaks to a level of the undead, but, here our voice carries in angelic undertones.

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