Lindsey Wixson by Daniel Sannwald for Antidote Magazine #10, Fall/Winter 2015

Lindsey Wixson is filled with a flush of neon rush shot by Daniel Sannwald for Antidote Magazine #10, Fall/Winter 2015. “The Celebration Issue” takes hold, as we pay tribute to the five-year anniversary of this biannual. Ambient aura floods the features as nu-manic passion fills the face. Primary colors pop off the page with saturated styles that steal the show. Lindsey lures us in with her unmatched ability to entice, by blending a dynamic movement of high design. Doused in a deluge of bright light, the body is covered in a florid of flashes. Stylist, Yann Weber, builds a composition of couture in an amalgamation of the avant-garde aggregate. Special effects make for a scintillating outcome with a phenomenal use of forward fashion. The creativity of choreography unfolds as a picture of poetry projects. Hold Your Breath and Just Dive In, Don’t Be Scared Who Cares, Sink or Swim. Like a sea of graphic intention, shapes swerve as swathes of color careen. Green dots explode in manic action, as high-pitch yellow yields itself in visual intoxication. A flush of neon rushes through the system inciting a choral of visual creation. As skin lights from within, making it look like the body is one big bulb. Nude beauty beckons, inviting Tiziana Raimondo to create a face that floats away like pillows of purity. Blue eyes penetrate the soul as we swim in a pool of aqua intention. Subtly is seen in the measure of makeup while artistry is caught in the intensity of a stare. Trends blend, as a taupe tinge encircles the lids leaving the lashes free and lines clear. Guised with a white visage of powder, the pout is punctuated by an internal glow. Hairstylist, Vi Sapyyapy, forms a braid that sweeps her mane back in effortless harmony, reflecting the freedom of active passion. To really look at the double-sided curve of this rich cupid’s bow is to take a – Ride on the Lips of Life.

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