Sharif Hamza Captures ‘Face Mapping’ for Purple Fashion, Fall/Winter 2015

Harleth Kuusik, Ally Ertel & Kadri Vahersalu capture craft of cosmetic coordinates in ‘Face Mapping’ by Sharif Hamza for Purple Fashion, F/W 2015. Interpretive art is mapped out on some of today’s most compelling faces. The lands and grooves of the skin take on new meaning, as each shot gets us closer to the truth. Forget what we think we know about features, and follow these face climbers into the future. Explore the hand of (Makeup Master) Georgina Graham as she invites us beyond beauty. “Making up” is merely a set of gestures taken over the skin, with shapes that lead to a new way to see. Geometric calculations are crafted in linear expulsion with marks that meet in unique areas. Figures fall fast as lines make their path, blending in a chorus of chaos and craft. Contemporary Video Artist, Tony Oursler, “projects human faces onto static forms,” in this merging of the minds. By “remapping geometric patterns” we are able to redefine the concept of creative beauty. A magical mix allows us to see what is not there, as interactive imagery steps forward in the skill of skin shaping. Taking us into another dimension, this uses the tools of modernity to project new ideas. What was once thought of as merely a cosmetic change, has been upgraded to a multi-level experience. While we are still forced to make alterations on the outside, we can be moved to engage in changes on the inside. Devising a plan that separates the skin into islands of attack, that is the way of the future. A dark star sits with an orbital view, blowing black and white kisses across the face. As one stray dot is placed just off the center of the lower lip, leaving purple to skew the mouth in a violet hue. Primary circles surround the skin as a red rectangle makes the lid pop. Dueling shades cut the face down the center with a bright, yellow brick sitting squarely behind the naked eye. Math masks are worn in a derivation of delight as the triage of trigonometry is drawn in a fusion of flight. Graham gifts us with indescribable entities that can only exist without being seen.

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