Vika Falileeva in ‘Cinderella’ by Daniel Peter Schulz for UmnO Magazine, Fall 2015

Vika Falileeva wears a body-suit of silver in ‘Cinderella’ by Daniel Peter Schulz for UmnO Magazine, Fall 2015. Metallic melts away as tomorrow land becomes today. Cast in an opposing play on cinéma vérité, she invites us to view a new rendering of this long loved, Walt Disney Character. Daring to take a wild ride on a collision course of creativity. Step right up and settle in for a show in this journey that puts Cinderella on glow. Glitter grabs onto the body as glamour glistens over the skin. Art Director, DOMINO, fuses fantasy and fairy-tale, as beauty blends the features of the face with the art of the frame. Brilliance bares out as each inch is an expression of light. Specs of silver cover the curves as the derma is doused in a shell of shimmer. The potent nature of the piece speaks to the child that exists in all of us. Abiding by the spirit of youth while still taking an artistic risk, that is the genius of DOMINO. To understand the unique levels of this tale, one must be willing to get inside the story. Long thought of as a passive princess waiting for her young prince to arrive, this gives the rescue version a revision. Who is this fair maiden, beyond the bounds of marital bliss? That is to see the possibilities of what is waiting. It’s not that she stands, sans prince, it’s that in this forward vision we see an inspired female stripped of all pretense. Taking this theme to the extreme, Vika sits naked and alone, free to fight her own battles. Hairstylist, Olivier Schawalder, creates a feat for the senses, with hair so splendid it’s split right down the center. Exquisitely placed locks lure us in with a tight bun behind to flip forward again. Flowing bangs fall easily over the front, leaving the back to sweep up in an inviting swirl. True beauty brightens as (Makeup Artist) Alexandra Leforestier fills the face with positive energy. Fight for your right to be! Gone are the days of passive perversion to play is the way to neo-conversion. Schulz’s dynamic imagery speaks without saying a word… Bibbidi Bobbidi BITCH.

vika-falileeva-by-daniel-peter-schulz-for-umno-magazine-fall-winter-2015-1 (1)vika-falileeva-by-daniel-peter-schulz-for-umno-magazine-fall-winter-2015 vika-falileeva-by-daniel-peter-schulz-for-umno-magazine-fall-winter-2015-2 (1) vika-falileeva-by-daniel-peter-schulz-for-umno-magazine-fall-winter-2015-3 (1)umno cover 11