Agyness Deyn in “Super Natural” by Daisy Walker for Wonderland Magazine, Winter 2015

Agyness Deyn plays Snow White with a dark side in “Super Natural” by Daisy Walker for Wonderland, Winter 2015. The Horror Issue delivers a fresh take on one of our most beloved fairy tales. Lost in the imagination, (Director) Sarah Keeling fuels the filmic fire as we find ourselves caught in a Wonderland of fantasy. Angelic features portray innocence while each clip entices a hidden element of desire. Delving into the dark side, Why Be drives an intoxicating beat home, as Deyn dances on the brink of desire. Stylist, Matthew Josephs, rocks leather and lace with Saint Laurent fashion that screams to be seen. In one of the most compelling takes on the beauty of the “bite,” we watch as Agyness allows herself a moment of reflection, then sets off to devour the apple. While this distinction is only but a second, the meaning carries enormous weight. Playing both parts, (Makeup Artist) Pablo Rodriguez shows us two sides of the same coin, with makeup that goes from clean to extreme. Nude beauty bares itself out with soft skin that dreams of something darker. The subtly of savagery is caught in the magnificent moments of the in-between. Snow White dares to venture deep, as she takes her face to another place. Adding lined eyes and a scarlet mouth, red reflects an inner heat, as scarlet lips are the entrance into a magical world. Hairstylist, Panos Papandrianos, keeps the tale fresh by creating long locks that are topped with a gorgeous crown. Characters are often viewed in two extremes, either good or evil. However, by pulling back another layer we are allowed to see her vulnerability in a way we’ve been denied. And, while many writers get this concept confused, creative composition requires restraint. Just when we think the film is over, we see Deyn’s body baring itself in a screen of smoke.

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