Angelina Jolie-Pitt by Peter Lindbergh for WSJ Magazine, November 2015

Angelina Jolie-Pitt dances into the night in The Innovators Issue shot by Peter Lindbergh for WSJ, 11/15. Writer, Julia Reed, shows us the many sides of Mrs. Jolie-Pitt, by sharing a new view of this compelling creature. There is beauty in the ability to accept an anomaly for what it is. Angelina dares to harbor both the sweetness of her vulnerability and the rawness of her power. “The truth that lies within you does not arise as some blazing scepter for the world to see. It peeks out in wisps and glimmers through the nuance of your everyday life.” It’s a fine-line from filmmaker to Auteur. To be an author of a film is to be so dedicated to the carriage of the craft, you are utterly compelled by the act of seeing your verbiage come to life. Through the hymns of humanity we see fashion speak. Stylist, Anastasia Barbieri, invites us to find ourselves as we examine the beauty of today’s truth. A see-thru tutu hangs down in harmony, as we watch tights and toe-shoes follow suit. Creative costumes mark the art of pure fantasy from Céline, Chanel, Haider Ackermann, Mairead Lewin Vintage, Repetto & Valentino. By pulling the knit Chanel sweater up around her mouth, she speaks for those who can’t. These pictures possess a kind of silent power that words will never reach. Her features tell a story of survival, while her eyes emit a hunger for more. Perfection is merely a monstrous tool by which we serve our selves. To pray at that alter is a recipe for destruction…

Dancing in Darkness

I ache with Independence,

I long for human touch,

 my eyes they tell a story

of which there is but much.

I dance until the sunlight,

eat the darkness whole,

my heart revives my spirit

as it awakens my sleeping soul.

My body trembles my limbs collapse,

tears fall down as pain attacks,

dew drops fall like diamonds on high,

raining down bringing art from the sky.

My entity is inspired by what’s above,

my fate is fueled by the fury of love.

The ardor of animus aches to change,

as the quintessence of excellence –

is what keeps hope in range.

original poetry – tanyajo

angelina jolie pitt