Anna Cleveland by Peter Lindbergh for Interview Magazine, November 2015

Anna Cleveland honors the talent of the divine designer Azzedine Alaïa, in “All Hail Alaïa” captured by Peter Lindbergh for Interview Magazine, 11/15. Evening falls as light succumbs to the nuance of night that boldly becomes. Black builds its will around the body, falling over the frame like pseudo skin. The fire of fabric is set to style as the art of enticing begins to beguile. Defined by the light, Anna tells this story, like a second coming of high couture. Stylist, Karl Templer, uses decadence as a decoy, daring to redefine the clean lines of clarity. Draped in a dramatic blend of elegant capes and flowing gowns, fashion is found in the subtly of difference. Beauty beguiles as (Makeup Artist) Mark Carrasquillo uses theatrical lighting to set the tone for the tome. Liquid blue comes alive with a moody mix of dark and light. Minus mascara and topped with powerful brows, drama lives in the lure of the lids. Shadow is touched with a glistening gleam making the icy-eyes pop against the aphotic hue. A white line draws attention to the lower lid, making the orbs appear to be floating in air. Angelic features fly on high with luminescent skin that gives off an otherworldly glow. A shiny fantasy fixates on the lips as black gloss grants the mouth an onyx flavor. Hairstylist, Duffy, uses natural black locks to help create a fluid line of color flowing in fury from the head to toe. Rich beauty held me down in a torrid trip of luridness, as the raven pitched his blackened beak into the ink-like ebony of murky madness. A soliloquy of words fall fearlessly over my lap, as I ache to hear the somber tones that drove me to attack. From here to there and far beyond is where I long to be, from where to when is how I’ll see the lights that turn to mystery – tj. When art comes clean and castes a new role, that’s when we’re ready to ponder our truth.

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