So It Goes Magazine

Behati Prinsloo goes for a unique urban vibe in this authentic cover shot by Hugh Lippe in So It Goes Magazine #6. The art of downtown shows itself in this vibrant story set against the backdrop of NYC. Home is where the heart is as the city is exposed in this street-chic editorial. Stylist, Liz McClean, finds the fluid side of high fashion with looks by Alexander Wang DiorStella McCartney & Valentino. The essence of instinct erupts as Behati blends in with authenticity that stands out with blinding beauty. An ethereal quality comes over the face as (Makeup Artist) Cyndle Komarovski shows us stunning skin that screams to be seen. Eyes are highlighted with a shade that maintains an elusive quality, while still promoting a natural essence. Dark brows provide a rich outline, allowing brown shadow to ride lightly below. Cool colors invite us into a world of imagination with a tone that redefines the idea of dazzle. A rich mix of burgundy lips blast off, with a red mouth that mesmerizes. Features come alive with an intoxicating tone enticing us to find our inner glow. Hairstylist, Andre Gunn, lets blonde tipped locks fly free, allowing each wind gust to represent another side of her wild being. Walking through Chinatown we feel her comfort with the city, and more importantly, her comfort with the people that surround her.

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