Greta Varlese in “Sacrifice Your Body” by Roe Ethridge for Re-Edition Magazine, Winter 2015

Greta Varlese feels her inner fire in “Sacrifice Your Body” by Roe Ethridge for Re-Edition Magazine, Winter 2015. The fervent pleasures of life are explored in this eye-defining trip to the inner sanctum. “Suddenly I Have an Urge to Scream,” this series takes us to another place where all of our fears are reexamined. Looking through the microscope of hope we find ourselves reeling. Stylist, Hannes Hetta, captures the theme of the scene with fashions that scream. Dresses fall to the ground inviting black, red and white to penetrate the page. Images reflect a sense of somber straightness, while a wicked side waits to take charge. Playing tricks with the mind, Benjamin Puckey delivers a modern version of this intense makeup. Powder reflects the age of Kabuki with a pallor done in the tradition of Japanese drama. Masked in white, the skin gives off a ghostly hue as the face projects an otherworldly glow. Features are seen as an extension of female allure, used to garner attention. Black lines surround the eyes seducing us with a stare, as lashes are tinged with white reflecting a mysterious overlay. Red lips radiate with passion as a perfect pout is outlined in deep, rouge delight. Ethereal madness emanates off the face as gestures, expressions, and intonations are stylized as, “dreamlike time is shrouded in mist but ever-present in the subconscious,” Hairstylist, Marki Shkreli, gives Vidal Sassoon (via the 70’s) a shout out, with straight lines that bring back the dew of the decade. Sacrifice Your Body… bare the burden of pain… sift through all the stories that brought your house to shame. Stand in sturdy defiance… hold your head above the crowd… don’t let your demons get to you… don’t tell your truths out loud (prose – tanyajo). A sign held up over the breast in solitude of sanctity, Fighting for Freedom, true beauty proves us that victory starts with a single verse.

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