Heather Kemesky by Txema Yeste for Numéro China, November 2015

Heather Kemesky invites us to ride in the Rebel issue by Txema Yeste for Numéro China, November 2015. To find a piece of poetic intent that truly moves you, is to awaken within you the soul that seeks. If we consider everything we touch merely a collage of creation, then all we attempt should be within our grasp. Stylist, Vittoria Cerciello, creates a montage of fashion, with fragmented designs artfully altered to get our attention. Magazine strips are scrapbooked to skin, with pictures ripped apart and stuck together again. Tenacious feelings come undone, like a billboard of reconfigured beauty. Accessories erupt, from green suede boots and red stalking tights, to blue and yellow cleaning gloves. Bronzed skin lights up the night, as (Makeup Artist) Victor Alvarez celebrates the fantastical side of freckles. Features speak in silence as naked beauty confuses us in a tirade of temptation. The moody, blue fog of fantasy unfurls ejecting forth a blinding glow. Black lines fare over the face with shapes that grasp geometric punk-chic, while linear lunacy invites us to experience the art of graphic ecstasy. Pink tints the mouth in a bloom of blush rushing over the lips in a florid flush. Enticed by both sides, nature bares out its intention, reaching out with an avant-garde edge. Hairstylist, Teiji Utsumi, gives us the illusion of a double-sided silhouette where darkness sneaks a peak from just under the white top. A display is canvassed on curves of body, as a human palate symbolizes the side of a building. Urban Graffiti liberates with words written on cover of the coat, as freedom reigns in the conceptual idea… that nothing hidden is nothing found.

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