Anja Rubik in “Be My Baby” by Harley Weir for Vogue Paris, December/January 2015-16

Anja Rubik brings us to the dark side in “Be My Baby” by Harley Weir for Vogue Paris, 12/01 2015-16. Tenebrous airings obscure the light as aphotic yearnings make the night right. Transformation is seen as a catalyst for change as Anja rediscovers her dark side. Stylist, Suzanne Koller, crosses influence with modern fashions that speak 70’s chic. White rabbits bounce their way across a red skirt, as giant eyes keep watch with patterns that peek through the page. Dizzying designs scream to be seen crying as defiant fabric combinations capture a desirable display. Showing silk crimson to satin pink, passion projects in visual form as the madness of opposites take hold. Scarlet leather falls over gingham palazzo pants, as teal piettes join a coalition of creation. Graphic styling is set to high-speed as trends blend in colorful coordination. Hyper modern with a vintage edge, Hannah Murray relies on the eyes as Anja’s big, blue peepers are the star of this show. Makeup that’s made to feel naked with skin that reflects an ethereal hue. Clean lashes give the features an angelic look with tawny lids that evoke a natural flavor. Otherworldly beauty breaks over the face marked by a radiant glimmer. Read her lips, the red mouth announces itself as being straight from the 70’s, with gloss that gives a disco rich glow. A mane of shear madness curls around as corkscrewed coils fall to the ground. An arousing array of fun and play, the locks of fair hair have gone away and in their place has come a darker stay – tj. HairstylistDuffy, invites us into this hidden hair-lair, whereby, all that’s light is dark again. Opposites attract as we find ourselves drawn to the distinct pleasure of a brunette dew. A blast from the past, this editorial delivers the best parts of this decade, while keeping us on a fast-forward track to the future.

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