Anna Cleveland, Jamie Bochert, Erin O’Connor, Christina Carey in ‘Rebel Riders’ by Tim Walker Vogue Italia, 12/15

Anna Cleveland, Christina Carey, Erin O’Connor and Jamie Bochert ride the moody mist of mourning light in ‘Rebel Riders’ by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia, 12/15. A foursome of fearsome females make their way across the countryside, in one of the most exquisite editorials ever produced. Fluid imagery plays off the page like a silent movie set to project. Jacob K delivers an ode to the art of pre-talkies, by melding old/new styles with aphotic fashions that inspire. Dances of sadness project in the wind, as poetry parallels body language. Classical wardrobes mimic vintage attire, with costumed couture that captures creative fare. Mysteries of modern makeup erupt as Val Garland approaches the face like paint on a pallet. Thin, dark brows line above the eyes as reddish-purple encircles the lids. Tears leave behind a trail of blackness, as beauty beckons us forth in a state of mourning. Chalky powder covers the skin as cheeks light up with a pinkish hue. Leaving lipstick to ride the lines of lunacy, red radiates in reckless defiance. The mouth melts in a wondrous state of madness as scarlet screams to be seen. Victorian millinery is worn in saddened solidarity, as grand hats grow with feathered plumes. Hairstylist, Julien d’Ys, construct finger-curls so authentic we get a true taste for a time gone by. Women weather the pain as haute head-gear is worn through the tyranny of tragedy. Muted gestures give the characters a unique strength, while each possesses a sense of loss – A soliloquy of sadness, a poignant love affair, a portrayal of passion fuels the fare aire. A duality of decadence dares to succumb to the beauty baring truth we’ve long to become, we wait for the day life spreads its light and takes us from the dark of night, for what will be is what will come as all is free from the mid-night sun.  poetic prose – tanyajo

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