Astrid Holler & Avery Blanchard in “For Your Eyes Only” Johnny Dufort for Dazed, F/W ’15

Astrid Holler and Avery Blanchard ride the light in “For Your Eyes Only” by Johnny Dufort for Dazed, F/W 15. The art of illumination floods the scene as each shot celebrates, The Sun Also Rises. Lifting us up, stripes of light sift through the windows as all thoughts of tomorrow are found today. What we see isn’t what we get, if we open our minds to the mysteries of life. Rivers of radiance break over the face as Thomas De Kluyver brandishes aire of refulgent beauty. Subtle hints of light slip through the skin, as baron looks of blankness express what’s within. Eyes are alive with madness as all things go blurry in our fight for fate. Lashes are left behind, albeit one daring image where mascara is meant to look like giant spiders crawling. Makeup proper is missing and in its place are left the avant-garde markings of mayhem. Lines lunge over naked lids creating clean geometric shapes, as a thick black circle is drawn in broken chaos. Hope has a moment where a white star shines bright as a symbol of change. Powder represents our fight to be seen through the clouds of discrimination, as freedom finds purity in poetic turnings of the nude pout. Red radiates over the page and each mouth aches for cover, letting one set of lips meet its luxurious end. Hairstylist, Gary Gill, captures coiffure that ranges from a 40’s bang curl to wild waves that fall down the face in quiet fury. Faith floods the scene as stripes of sun hit the skin, setting the girls aglow with a resplendent blend of glory.

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