Eliza Thomas, Lucy Evans & Phillipa Hemphrey by Michal Pudelka for Numéro #169, 12/01 2015-16

Eliza Thomas, Lucy Evans & Phillipa Hemphrey take a trip into the mythical forest by Michal Pudelka for Numéro #169, 12/01 2015-16. Eyes gazing deeply into the night as fairy-tale yearnings turn dark into light. A trinity of unity captured in secret, this trio of females find their inner power as they search the sky for a new kind of truth. Irina Marie creates a faction of fashions with solidarity formed in the spirit of style. Fabrics mimic deep space with long dresses designed to inspire. Tassels tangle in futile excess as impressions fill the mind’s eye. A mirror-like reflection holds resplendent splendor as the moonlit aire shines on. Crystallized white evolves from the light with a festival of fringe liquidated in flight. A decadent display is masterfully found as a wall of silver ribbons fall straight to the ground. Bejeweled beauty becomes as Sharon Dowsett celebrates the auroral artistry of the midnight sun. Skin to skin lets us in as the face takes on an otherworldly glow. Makeup mimics the stars in the sky as a glittered mask bares a radiant shine. Dancing in darkness, stars unite as features collide giving us a new lease on life. Ethereal madness transcends letting us witness the bonding of true sisterhood. Ali Pirzadeh invites fluid energy to flow through the hair as the girls hang upside/down in seeming impossibility. Poetically pressed with thoughts that burn bright, this story burns like a fire in the night. Metallic material floats through space as whispers of magic find their way to the face. 

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