Erdem Celebrates 10 Years with Guinevere Van Seenus by Sølve Sundsbø

Guinevere Van Seenus mimics the wonder of Erdem in this archival presentation photographed by Sølve Sundsbø. This collective celebrates 10 years in fashion, with a Limited Edition 200 page book Designed by Studio Frith & Produced by Smythson. A sense of connection forms as Guinevere moves past mere model and becomes the maker’s muse. Sara Moralioglu honors her brother’s contribution by committing a decades’ work to celluloid history, exclusively at Free expression floats through the page like a ballerina unencumbered by the limits of time & space. Sundsbø marries the movements of modernity with the curves of her body, allowing each to tell a tale. A dress appears innocent at first view but then hypnotizes with a vibrant blue. In one of the most compelling shots of the story, Seenus sits quietly on the ground holding a yellow gown over her naked body. The power of this picture is so penetrating we can feel it lift us up. Bringing works to life, Val Garland uses makeup to merge dark and light. Clean lashes are free to fly like so many fairies dancing through the night sky. No mascara creates a naked view as moody shadow finishes the eyes right. Brows are bleached to almost extinction with lids that take the lead. Beauty beckons us near as soft powder whisks over the face leaving a pale surface behind. Lips erupt, from the taupey tinge of just bitten to the fire of ruby-red, the hues of the mouth hypnotize. Hairstylist, Peter Gray, collides as he divides, with dews that range from neo-natural to wigs with a dramatic edge. Not surprisingly, Erdem has shared his influence by the compelling works of Richard Avedon and Irving Penn. Two men that understood – to expose on a deeper level you must be willing to build not bury. ERDEM X is a collaborative project with the likes of Photographer; Sølve Sundsbø and Creative Director; Thomas Persson, producing a SignedHand-Bound, Fabric Covered Portfolio. As a collector I can only dream of owning a copy of this profound book, featuring essay’s by some of our most prolific fashion innovators including; Tim Blanks, Suzy MenkesAlexandra ShulmanAnna Wintour, Glenda Bailey and Justine Picardie.

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