Greta Varlese in “Where the Wild Flowers Grow” by Jeff Bark for Flair #20, 12/15

Greta Varlese invites us to go “Where the Wild Flowers Grow” by Jeff Bark for Flair #20, December 2015. Lost in the Pre-Raphaelite Era, these Midnight Riders embark on a journey of discovery. An exquisite tale that invokes the romantic code of Shakespearean art with today’s forward youth. Each shot elevates our understanding of this time period through the use of intimate interaction. Sissy Vian depicts the Victorian phenomenon with florid styles by Valentino, Gucci, Dsquared2 & Alberta Ferretti. Ethereal fashion ushers us into another world where all things splendid shine in affable mention. Beauty builds a bridge from the past to the future with scenes that intermingle sexes. Inspired by the outdoors, Lisa Houghton sees the face as an extension of flowers. Eyes emote intuition as each gaze sets upon us a look that lures. Tinges of taupe sweep across the lids as lashes are left utterly free. In the background lives artful excess as purity is mixed with makeup extreme. An auriel hue races over the brows as golden shadow casts its enticing spell. Like a butterfly waiting to take flight, the wings of Icarus spread, with a black line surrounding the orbital area. The armor of enchantment erupts as powder sweeps across the skin mimicking Mother Nature. Varlese leads the pack with pink, as each mouth follows the path of pretty with just bitten lips. Pierpaolo Lai features a lavish lure of decorative dews, from floral headbands to gold leaved garland. Like the Pre-Raphalietes of their time, these stunning creatures take inspiration from forms of life rather than stiff depictions of idealized antiques.

A World Where Wild Flowers Grow

Tactile visions spread through the page

like a blossoming array of botanical bouquet. 

A floral smell faint with delight

fluttered through the air in sentient sight.

As a daunting drift ran through my mind

an efflorescent world opened in kind.

Strewn about like decadent display

are fashions found in the light of day.  

Filling my baron basket high

are dreams that touch the silent sky,

as ruby tears fall down my face

I fall to me knees in search of grace.

Poetic Prose – Tanyajo

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