Vogue Italia

Karen Elson delivers a playful take on art of the 70’s in “Disco Jockey” by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia, 12/15. Standing in front of a naked wall all would seem empty if it weren’t for the talent of Mr. Walker. Having taken over the reigns, his vision has allowed the magazine to truly flourish. Sophisticated shots capture each twist like a waning doll on a Sunday tryst. Elson invites us into another world where all is not exactly as it appears. Expanding her mind, she sits quietly in somber solitude as silence leads the way. Stylist, Jacob K, celebrates the tone of the times with 70’s fashions that fuel the avant-garde fire. While many designs are made with a surface concept in mind, this decade goes deeper. Each image exposes us to a new kind of wild with graphic magic that invites us to a disco redo. Makeup made to make us think, Sam Bryant takes a step forward in an effort to flush out past’s pretty. By grabbing the reigns of tomorrow she allows the features to speak. The arch of yellow brows break with beauty while bleaching the lines add a reflective tint. Dueling colors blend into infinite as a flash of black explodes. A dark spot rocks the inside of the eyes as pastel hues lure us to the lids. Following fresh trends of the season, the lashes are left almost empty, allowing us to get a new (true) view. The palate of possibility floods over the face as ethereal madness is left in its place. Blush rushes from the cheeks to the forehead, as a pass of powdered skin makes its way over the body. Less like makeup and more like a mirage, this picture mimics paint on a pallet. Hot-Lips sizzle with seduction as they radiate in shades of red. Scarlet makes its move over the mouth as high gloss seizes it’s moment to shine. Hairstylist, Malcolm Edwards, goes with the flow, by putting her hair in an easy up-do, allowing pieces to fall in a feckless frenzy. Waiting with a kind of savage wonder, all things associated with this decade are left to the defining minds of the masters.

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