Marique Schimmel in “Party Pour La Nuit” by Jonas Bresnan, Stylist Magazine France, 12/15

Marique Schimmel is in a state of sheer splendor as body glitter radiates the night “Party Pour La Nuit” by Jonas Bresnan for Stylist Magazine France, 12/15. Covered in sprinkled stars showered in shine, Schimmel takes the concept of Party All Night to another level. Editor, Julie Levoyer, embraces the fire of noir with black lace that celebrates the body beautiful. The pageantry of pomp comes forth, as light ignites from behind and future fashion is born. Avant-garde artistry entices the skin as the revelry of radiance deigns to begin. Inviting the shine, (Makeup Artist) Carole Colombani lets the grandiosity of glitter show its glow. A display starts sky-high on the eyes and then makes its way down, as radiant shadow shoots straight across the upper lids. Under the pounding hail of purple, skin shines, leaving aerodynamic lines to appear right below the brows. Naked lashes scream to be seen, with clean looks that work in contrast to the theme of the story. Succulent shades kiss the lips with flavor that radiates from pinkish peach to a tinted bronze gloss. Features fall under a neon reign with pounding passion felt through the vibrancy of hope. Hairstylist, Terry Saxon, exposes the flow by largely delivering a dew that’s free from the fantasy. Succumb to the art of ecstasy… glitter explodes as we watch in a state of unencumbered delight. The opulence of incandescence rules the fare of night, as a resplendent blend of ethereal aire leaves an effulgent sight. The spirit of sparkle the gaiety of glow, the passionate fire of phenomena ignites the show. The twinkled glint of radiance the raucous gleam of now, the scintillating splendor of shine is sure to give a WOWpoetic prose – tanyajo.
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