Natalia Bulycheva in ‘Black Swan’ by Vladimir Vasilchikov for Stolnick, January 2016

Natalia Bulycheva succumbs to the beauty of the ‘Black Swan‘ by Vladimir Vasilchikov for Stolnick, January 2016. Night fell and all was calm as the jet black swan sang it’s song. A sable pitch of the raven’s coat is worn in righteous revelry, as each picture projects the power of purity. Material flies in the wake of wonder as the choreography of cloth meets its match. Each piece sings with uniqueness while the ensembles are defined by a dark code of couture. Calling forth the fluid movements of the beguiling Odette, the body speaks through the virtuosity of balletic progression. Stylist, Jane Ili, calls forth a moody mix of fire/ice with fashions that are swept up in the architecture of extreme. Two sides become one, as analogous designs bare out comparisons through the languid lines of nebulous art. Her eyes invite with a subtle stare, but what will we meet and do we dare? Darkness collides as Yana Koptyakova uses the subtlety of soft makeup to drawn us in. Avant-garde shadow erupts, with wings that fly out the sides in honor of the Swan. Following one of the most potent trend’s of the season, Natalia’s eyes are naked, albeit the rich color encircling the lids. Beauty blends, as a flush of blush flashes over the face and pure skin is seen in the effulgent fury of vivid splendor. A dust of powder touches the cheeks as radiant highlights glimmer with intensity. Clean lashes/brows give an illusion of nude while lips are kissed with a just bitten glow. Natural hair is swept up in a messy bun with pieces flying this way and that, while opposed is an ode to Vidal Sassoon and his banged 70’s bob. Yana celebrates the duality of spirit in compelling tale that shows Two Sides of the Same Swan. “A carefully calibrated seduction,” in persuasion of the provocatively profound, this poetic piece celebrates the art of deception. In the tenebrous yearnings of dark days night comes a fateful fight to find the light. 

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