Ashley Smith in “Sheer Cover” by Peter Rosa for Soma Magazine

Ashley Smith comes alive in “Sheer Cover” by Peter Rosa for Soma Magazine, The Obsession Issue. Fragments of fury find their insatiable need as the remnants of realization scream to be seen. Stylist, Mindy Saad, bares out the futility of fashion through the art of function. Wearing a daring array of neo-noir, shiny fabrics gleam in gifted reverie. Black on Black never looked so good, with circles sewn so close they look like tiny soldiers marching off to war. Fishnet stockings lay around the face in an ode to the art of nylon head ware. Going all-in, this story celebrates the nuanced edge of life’s secret side. Each Run raises the stakes with panty-hose that play to win. The clarity of modern makeup speaks, as Angie Parker uses succinct color options to coordinate opposing sides. A vision of variance gives us a thrill as brightness mixes with the dark theme. Sky-blue shadow soars as cool colors invite the eyes to fly. Ethereal flavor fills the aire as the skin is dusted with an angelic faire. White powder floats free only to fall into the arms of natural borne beauty. Shades range from nude to deep orange, as lips look like they taste of succulent tangerines. Clay Nielsen wraps the head in ripped stockings as he hugs the features in harmonious melody. Curls of chaos cascade over the face as wet hair sticks to side of skin. Torn nylons portray poetic history, settling in a plume of pretty and basking in the glory of gorgeous.

Run of Righteousness…

Art echos as love complies

Beauty begs as hope defies

All that comes will someday go

All the needs will bare the blow

I ache for touch to sooth the pain

Peel back lies that covers shame

Hurt is comes in waves of sorrow

As truth waits til turn of ‘morrow

original prose – tanyajo

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