Alisa Ahmann in “Muse of the Artist” by Ellen von Unwerth for Vogue Ukraine, 02/16

Alisa Ahmann gets her studio fix in ‘Muse of the Artist’ shot by Ellen von Unwerth for Vogue Ukraine, February 2016. Taking us back to a day of serendipitous play, Unwerth unleashes her inner beast in this saga of sensuality. Art speaks to the fluidity of fashion with looks that satisfy our need to explore. Stylist, Adele Cany, invites us into another era with evocative clothing designed to inspire. Alisa plays inside a painter’s studio in a polka-dot mini with faux pearls reaching down to the floor. Gettin’ cheeky with it… this girl knows how to flow by placing her head atop a mannequin’s torso. Wearing a daring array of creative attire, from see-thru knit and falling fringe to a corseted bodysuit with green gloves & zebra striped stockings. Inner-wear meets outerwear, with vibrant covers that range from canary yellow fur to a blue kimono day-coat. Beauty blends as Regine Bedot creates modern makeup that gives off a vintage flavor. The aire beckons us near as henna hues are touched with a Titian overlay. Features pop off the page as the distinction between fades away. Skin is aglow as bright light floods over the face with orange/auburn washing over the eyes, cheeks and lips. Like a painting come to life each image looks like it’s set from another dimension. Alexandry Costa doesn’t try to tame the tousles, instead he let’s them fall free. Loose curls frame the face, bouncing buoyantly as they give off a golden highlight. Reminding us of a time when art was the thing, truth fades into the ether as all features melt into one.

Vogue_Ukraine-February_2016-Alisa_Ahmannn-by-Ellen_Von_Unwerth-01Vogue_Ukraine-February_2016-Alisa_Ahmannn-by-Ellen_Von_Unwerth-02 (1)Vogue_Ukraine-February_2016-Alisa_Ahmannn-by-Ellen_Von_Unwerth-04Alisa-Ahmann-Vogue-Ukraine-February-2016-Cover-Editorial04 (1) Vogue_Ukraine-February_2016-Alisa_Ahmannn-by-Ellen_Von_Unwerth-07Alisa-Ahmann-Vogue-Ukraine-February-2016-Cover-Editorial08 Vogue_Ukraine-February_2016-Alisa_Ahmannn-by-Ellen_Von_Unwerth-08 Alisa-Ahmann-Vogue-Ukraine-February-2016-Cover-Editorial05 Vogue_Ukraine-February_2016-Alisa_Ahmannn-by-Ellen_Von_Unwerth-05 (1)Alisa-Ahmann-Vogue-Ukraine-February-2016-Cover-Editorial01