Aline Weber in “Cyber Girl” by Ben Morris for Elle Russia, February 2016

Aline Weber goes undercover in “Cyber Girl” by Ben Morris for Elle Russia, February 2016. Weber redefines the art of masquerade with outfits that allow her to morph into many forms. Shifting in spirit, this story takes us through dimensions by using fashion as a means of disguise. Silk and lace steal the show as beaded gems lay over the body and black lace comes in from behind. The art of noir hits the streets, from a tiny bikini worn under a knit mini to a skintight suit with see through panels. Renata Kharkova delivers a spectacle of eclectic style, with shapes that range from punk-ridden surfer girl to the ethereal, bohemian queen. A tattooed body suit sets the scene, giving us an optical illusion that appears stuck to the skin. As a long, beaded gown follows suit with a dizzying vision of signage sewn together. Each image projects a sense of momentum as designs take us from day to night & beyond. Beauty unfolds as Chris Colbeck uses face shape as a source of expression. Clashing never looked to cool with combinations that bring makeup into a new arena. Radiant shades depict a strong sense of self for Skin Art I’m calling, “Feature Bombing.” Peach sweeps over the eyes, fearlessly flowing into dark brows, as blue sits on high as electric liner strikes just inside the center of the lower lid. A clash of creativity comes to be with lips the end in screaming pink. Hairstylist, Kenna, shakes things up in savage reverie with short bangs that are cut with a severe edge. Loose waves fall over the shoulders as the brilliance of her blonde locks lights up her face. Aline Ignites – from a beach going bunny with nothing but waves to move her to a free-flowing gypsy that flies on the wings of change.
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