Catherine McNeil & Anastasia Khodkina by Greg Kadel for Numéro N°170, February 2016

Catherine McNeil & Anastasia Khodkina gets cheeky with it in “Le Diable Au Corps” by Greg Kadel for Numéro N°170, 02/16. Fall into a fantasy… as The Amour Issue makes its way inviting all things to join in the name of play. Powerfully wicked & wonderfully fun, this Devil In The Flesh story lets fashion border on fetishism. Dipping into the land of double entendre, this tale inspires both sides of feminine spirit to burn. Bill Mullen captures our attention with sleek fabrics designed to shine. Red and black steal the show with bright shades set to go. The future has arrived with full-bodied catsuits and gowns that move us toward tomorrow. Patent leather shows every secret, as silk careens over the curves like waves in the ocean. Dueling beauty dares to become as Mariel Barrera has two women working as one. While one figure may be dominant, art bares no distinction, as each woman is a reflection of the other. Drama amps things up as moody makeup ensures this seductive tête-à-tête will explode. Cat eyes scratch their way out, as brown shadow flies behind with a winged silhouette. Brows create a strong outline as blush builds a bridge over the skin. Lips hit with a boom as scarlet erupts, riding out the rhythm of pure red. Matchy-Matchy mouths never looked so good with perfectly even lines that reach into another dimension. Neil Moodie delivers a taste of 40’s coiffure with hair that’s pouffed into precision. Acting a Dominatrix suits her, as Catherine knows how to ‘stay on top’ by keeping her gestures white-hot. Having Anastasia as a plaything would get any girl to consider changing sides… Double Trouble Begins, the art of decadence the penchant of play dark designs worn in daring of day. 

Numero-N170-February-2016-Catherine-McNeil-Anastasia-Khodkina-by-Greg-Kadel-7Numero-N170-February-2016-Catherine-McNeil-Anastasia-Khodkina-by-Greg-Kadel-3Numero-N170-February-2016-Catherine-McNeil-Anastasia-Khodkina-by-Greg-Kadel-1 Numero-N170-February-2016-Catherine-McNeil-Anastasia-Khodkina-by-Greg-Kadel-2 Numero-N170-February-2016-Catherine-McNeil-Anastasia-Khodkina-by-Greg-Kadel-8Numero-N170-February-2016-Catherine-McNeil-Anastasia-Khodkina-by-Greg-Kadel-4Numero-N170-February-2016-Catherine-McNeil-Anastasia-Khodkina-by-Greg-Kadel-6 Numero-N170-February-2016-Catherine-McNeil-Anastasia-Khodkina-by-Greg-Kadel-5Numero-N170-February-2016-Catherine-McNeil-Anastasia-Khodkina-by-Greg-Kadel-9