Hayett McCarthy in “Carmen” by Txema Yeste for Numéro Magazine, February 2016

Hayett McCarthy inhabits fire of flamenco dancer in “Carmen” by Txema Yeste for Numéro Magazine, 02/16. Capturing the dynamic beauty of Carlos Saura’s Carmen, Yeste honors the spirit of Spanish dance. This story follows the Flamenco dancer as she glides through the countryside like a beacon of hope. In one of the most spiritually moving editorials we’ve witnessed each image brings us closer to the true – CarmenVittoria Cerciello blends the artistry of body movement with the craft of couture, for designs that speak to the merging of art and passion. Fashion mimics the fire of flamenco with styles by Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, Maison Margiela, Proenza Schouler and Miu Miu. Celebrating the authenticity of the moment Victor Alvarez uses creative makeup to seize the day. Delivering one of the most exquisite faces we seen this season, softness is drawn over the eyes as passion erupts from the inside out. Exotic features are the star, as dark lashes and thick brows need nothing to enhance their existence. Illuminating beauty lights things up as the sun reflects off subtle curves of the skin. Carmel shadow merely works as a backdrop, as we move into the richness of the mouth. Red screams to be seen as scarlet draws a perfect bow over the lines of the lips. Hairstylist, Laurent Philippon, lets long locks fall free as natural curls catch the wind with every turn. Each move is a work of choreographed wonder, as Hayett connects with the ground becoming one with the beauty of the land.

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