Julia Garner Covers in “Girls & Boys” by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia, January 2016

Julia Garner delivers a delicious mix of vintage and modern in “Girls & Boys” shot by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia, January 2016. An ode to the art of the exquisite, Meisel dares to rediscover our roots, as he delves right in with powerful pictures that speak. Each image is thick with rich depictions of the past while keeping us on a trajectory towards tomorrow. Olivier Rizzo gives a tour de force of fashion with styles that fall over the body like prose of poetry. A vision of Punk permeates the page as we feel the industry transform from rage. Historic trends blend by Alberta FerrettiBlumarineChanelComme des GarçonsDavid Casavant Archive, David Samuel MenkesFendiGiorgio Armani, Louis Vuitton, Miu MiuPrada, Raf Simons, Roberto CavalliSearch & DestroyVersace & Vetements. Polyester tulle floats down to satin dancing shoes covered in black leather straps and checkered ties. The synergy of each piece gives off a spectacle of sensation, from canvas coats & cargo pants to vintage suspenders & tweed jackets. Clothing captures our imagination with pieces that speak to a new generation. The maestro of modern makeup, Pat McGrath, entices and inspires as color moves in-between images with striking aplomb. Blue shadow builds over the eye-lid meeting the thick, black brows at the edge. Like a canvas of perfection, soft powder illuminates the skin giving off a halo of light. Orbs of intensity invite us inside as the musicality of the mouth sings with great pride. Redness revels in the curl of the lips as art brings out the bow. Unique beauty lights up the face, from tattooed anchors to eye-liner morphing into avant-garde wings. So while these may be background players, their energy reads like ethereal mastery. Guido redefines vintage inspiration, as he proves that hair is less about coiffed perfection than an invitation to emote. Swept up in the history of underground couture, Rizzo takes us from rockabilly riders to punk players, as Meisel views this period through his incomparable lens.

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