Kendall Jenner in “Rave Fashion” by Russell James for Vogue Brazil, January 2016

Kendall Jenner flies high in “Rave Fashion” by Russell James for Vogue Brazil, January 2016. A new kind of crazy awaits as Kendall captures this Cuca Fresca cover story. Party peril takes hold as she plays a cool girl enraptured by the movement of youth. Set aside the mind-altering effects of such visual stimulation, and let this event bring your body to a state of pure bliss. The club clique makes way for a festival of play in this fête à la high fashion. Stylist, Pedro Sales, creates dynamic designs that are less about function and more about fun. A clash of couture hits hard but what we feel is the heat of the beat. Like a carnival of creation, crazy colors come to be as wild styles give us a clue of the chaos that awaits. Neo-natural art invites light to flow as we let non-makeup steal the show. Bare is the new beautiful as Fulvia Farolfi takes a naked face and makes it shine. The uniformity of skin tones fill the scene with eyes that dance and lips that dream. Daring to go deep, this celebrates the palate of pretty that lives within us all. A touch of brown shadow sweeps over the lids leaving black lashes to capture the concept of clean. Rodrigo Costa delivers a delicious take on idea of party hair, with wisps of a wig that take us to another level. These dark dews rock, from bunny ears to a crown in glory, the locks let us ride the waves of the rave.  

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