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Lady Gaga spreads her wings in “Fashion Guard” for V Magazine Issue 99, Spring ’16. Taking on the role of Guest Editor, Gaga explores her hidden talents by creating 16 unique Covers. Experimental theatre plays out as drama ensues in the merging of the extreme. The chastity of choosing may seem a hopeless undertaking, however, in the quiet days of longing you’ll find yourself fighting for the right to fall. So Spread your wings and fly tiny angel, all is waiting for you to be free. Yearning for what you want is a choice, fighting for your right to believe is an honor. Eclectic expression forms real intention making us witness to the birth of truth. The Fame Monster lays her head wallowing in silent screams, as sadness incites tears to fall in the hall of darkened dreams. Art summons us forward to fiercely stand in the shadow of ourselves as the…

  Aggressive Resolute Tigress Jumps Into the Open Arms of Tomorrow

the vigors of wonder

the object of lust

the power to plunder

the vileness of must

open your mind

to the rigors of rhyme

as we long for the solemn

staging of time

viperous yearnings

of a dark day’s night

settles the nature

of a savage, young fight

 searching is seen

in the light of her eyes

as all of life’s heart-break

 melts into lies

poetic prose – tanyajo 

Inez & Vinoodhlara-paris-1-628x827Lady-Gaga-V-Magazine-99-2016-Covers01Lady-Gaga-V-Magazine-99-2016-Covers03 (1)Lady-Gaga-V-Magazine-99-2016-Covers04 (1)


Chadwick Tyler

Taylor McKinneyV99_COVER16_GAGA-TAYLOR


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