“Moon Dance” by Juergen Teller for Vogue Japan, March 2016

Jean Campbell, Rianne van Rompaey, Kirin Dejonckheere, Teddy Quinlivan and Julia Merkelbach invites us into the orbital arena in “Moon Dance” by Juergen Teller for Vogue Japan. “A super-stylish heroine travels the virtual world, in this role-playing game that takes place on space stage.” Stylist, Marie-Amélie Sauvé, blends the look of luxury with the strong feel of leather, as Louis Vuitton makes its mark with designs that speak to another era. The futility of future fashions are borne through the sleekness of their fabrication. Tight leather snugs the body giving us a view of whats to come, as art fuses a patchwork of creative pieces. Unique elements speak très chic, from patterns that mimic the Aztec Incas to a geometric mesh overlay. The future has arrived as Pat McGrath takes us from here to beyond. Orbital influence seizes the stage as synthetic saturation deigns to take hold. Hypo-Hypnotic elements are overtly seen as a penetrating stare comes through the screen. McGrath invites us into a world where beauty bares its being through the unlimited focus of the eyes. Images project a sense of visual stimulation as falsies sweep over the top. Leaving one bold shot to project its power with black, wing-like lashes that fly above and below. The mystery of modern makeup is secure with faces that are swept with a white wash of powder. Hairstylist, Paul Hanlon, does his own thing in an atmosphere that almost demands a certain style. Next to a hyper modern set, long locks stand out with shots that let nature take hold. Teller blends clinical and creative for a look that takes us into a brave new world.

jean-campbell-julia-merkelbach-kirin-dejonckheere-rianne-van-rompaey-teddy-quinlivan-by-juergen-teller-for-vogue-japan-march-2016-5jean-campbell-julia-merkelbach-kirin-dejonckheere-rianne-van-rompaey-teddy-quinlivan-by-juergen-teller-for-vogue-japan-march-2016 (2) jean-campbell-julia-merkelbach-kirin-dejonckheere-rianne-van-rompaey-teddy-quinlivan-by-juergen-teller-for-vogue-japan-march-2016-7 (1)jean-campbell-julia-merkelbach-kirin-dejonckheere-rianne-van-rompaey-teddy-quinlivan-by-juergen-teller-for-vogue-japan-march-2016-2jean-campbell-julia-merkelbach-kirin-dejonckheere-rianne-van-rompaey-teddy-quinlivan-by-juergen-teller-for-vogue-japan-march-2016-6 jean-campbell-julia-merkelbach-kirin-dejonckheere-rianne-van-rompaey-teddy-quinlivan-by-juergen-teller-for-vogue-japan-march-2016-1jean-campbell-julia-merkelbach-kirin-dejonckheere-rianne-van-rompaey-teddy-quinlivan-by-juergen-teller-for-vogue-japan-march-2016-3 (1)jean-campbell-julia-merkelbach-kirin-dejonckheere-rianne-van-rompaey-teddy-quinlivan-by-juergen-teller-for-vogue-japan-march-2016-4