Vogue Portugal

Naomi Campbell goes undercover in “We Love Naomi” by An Le for Vogue Portugal, February 2016. Playing both sides, Naomi evolves from a Jazz Diva to a flaming party girl, in a story that embarks on a journey of discovery. Defining dueling roles, on the one hand she’s quiet and reserved on the other she stands like a panther ready to strike. The undeniable lure of this long-standing Super-Model calls to claims the odyssey of the formidable. Baring out beauty of change, Renee Garnes deigns to create makeup that modifies. Raging in red, she appears in a fiery automobile with locks that match. Double trouble starts the show with colors that range from deep-onyx to orange & pink. Subtle shades make their way over the eye and into our minds. Sultry vibes ignite, as the looks evolve from soft-black liner to shadow that speaks to the darker side of style. A kiss is just a kiss… The mouth makes its mark by mixing in a drop of flaming color that sits in the center of just-bitten lips. Art invites the imagination as creativity envelops our sense of self. Riding both sides this celebrates the duality of the self, as each image features a frisky array of full length coats. Stylist, Ada Kokosar, uses a bold combination of high fashion and formidable standing to elevate the industry standard. A yellow coat screams to be seen as Patent leather falls around the body, gathering in the center with a wide belt. Hairstylist, Brian Devine, embraces his namesake with divine wigs that shine, from candy-apple red to a flirty bob with vintage flare. Straight outta the gate Campbell gets us with her unique ability to rise above the crowd.

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