Dazed & Confused Korea

Sunghee Kim is “Feminine, Dangerous, Fun” by Yeong Jun Kim for Dazed Korea, December 2015. Asking us to Declare Independence, this issue celebrates the art of autonomy. To seek something greater as a way to merely acquire, is the act of insecurity. To seek something higher in order to fly, now that is the mark of a maker. Kim revels in the righteous revelry of now, with defiance that says as much about the wearer as it does the wares. Fashion speaks with synergistic energy that clashes in a kind of creative chaos. Yun Ju Kang invites us to explore the wild side of style with pieces that echo the era. The power of bold pops of page from a plunge into neon yellow to a dip into red rage. Modern makeup screams to be seen as Sino Choi captures the intensity of orbital excess. In one of the most enticing stories of the season we see eyes expressed like paint on a pallet. Color swirls over the entire lid, sweeping up to the brow then down and around below. Butterflies burst in flight as shadow is seen in a halo of light. The wings spread in symphonic harmony as yellow/pink embark on a spectacular view. Stripes of blue beckon as a bridge of beauty is borne out in the art of the eye. Mesmerizing orbs end on the cover, as black floods up above leaving a dusting of spots cut-out and pasted below. Lips are the thing, as natural shades invade, leaving nothing but a hint of just-bitten hues. Hye Young Lee links the looks together with long, brown hair that makes each piece sing. Loose strands fall over the face, proving that if we follow the eyes of tomorrow we can see the truth of today. Hands are covered in high-pitched tones with pictures that take us to the avant-garde edge.   

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