Anna Cleveland in “Of Fish and Flowers” by Julia Hetta for AnOther Magazine, SS 2016

Anna Cleveland stands straight in full flamingo form, “Of Fish and Flowers” by Julia Hetta for AnOther Magazine, S/S 2016. Deep in the recesses of the mind lives a place of sheer wonder. A place where birds do swim and fish do fly through a shining sea on a mountain high. Hetta asks us but one thing, to question nothing & accept all. To call this but a story of style would be a travesty, for this is a moment of pure magic. A time when your fantasies come forth in the form of avant-garde fashion. Editor, Agata Belcen, takes us on a journey of discovery, with designs meant to inspire. Exquisite pieces perpetuate a dream like state, where reality and fantasy fuse into one. Lorna Foran sits still with a flower blooming out of her mouth – as Anna waits in poetic protest – wiping red lipstick across her face. Her back is bent in the heat of the night as a drink teeters in richly delight. Taking a daring detour, Topolino invites us to ride on this merry-go-round of makeup. Standing tall on an old, iron chair, aqua blue shadow screams to be seen. Crystallized color covers the brows, as the odyssey of beauty connects across the bridge. Distinct shapes are drawn around the eyes as curved impression’s alienate the obvious. Black stripes extend down the face, with faux lash-lines drawn in divine strikes. To be teased & tangled, haute locks become forming together a union of one. Tomi Kono captures the magic of millinery, with coiffure that defines the concept of plumed caps. Feathers fly up the page as each quill represents our spirit of sacrifice. Angie Sherbourne waits in wounded effigy as Cleveland sleeps beside her in silent reverie. Dressed in yellow she plays a fiery flamingo – floras float free as pieces of petals stick to the tapestry.

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