“Cherry Bombz” by Willy Vanderperre for Love Magazine S/S 2016

Anna Cleveland dives into a retro revival in “Cherry Bombz” by Willy Vanderperre for Love Magazine, Spring/Summer 2016. Authentically inspired imagery honors the era of the Club Kids, in a story that celebrates the art of the eclectic. Caught in the agro-annointed punk scene, Anna inspires by playing the decadent disco queen. Known as an era of indulgence, this time would come to garner important historical influence. Stylist, Katie Grand, captures these fashionable moments with effortless aplomb, projecting pieces that appear as if they were stolen out of the 70’s and kissed with a touch of the 80’s. Dressed in a crazy array of avant-garde accouterments, this dream team travels back to see ahead. That is, to truly comprehend the prospect of the future we must get in touch with passion of the past. Vacillating between modern stills and motion-driven movement we feel the retro inspiration. Dancing to the beat of the decades decadence feels like it’s but a head flip away. Avery Blanchard surprises us as a perky princess ready for anything, as Binx jumps in with knee-high red boots and divine neo-pop attire. Exquisitely captured, each shot represents the era of the Club Kids, as we weave through what was known as the unity of one. To move as one to be seen as no other, that was the focus of these fierce young creatures. Finding that middle ground that exudes both feelings and fire, that is what I call revolutionary. Veronika Vilim may be a new name to the game, but her shot sits in silent reverie as her intensity reaches new heights. As new kid on the block, Dilone, devours the scenery giving us one of the most authentic looks of the story. Proving you don’t have to go vintage to get the vibe, Helena Severin/Londone Myers keep the focus of their trajectory forward. As one of the stand-out stars of the piece, Marjan Jonkman evokes a unique appearance that encapsulates the spirit of the times.

The skin speaks as (Makeup Artist) Lynsey Alexander uses the face as a palate of promise. Caught in a punk pride push this group goes wild with lids that scream with graphic wings. Paul Hameline plays the boy in blue eyes as Kiki Willems & Helena Severin swim in pool of people. Pink sprawls over the lids giving a kitchy cat-eye, as electric lines pop off the page. Thick, black brows demand attention as faux brows invite speculation. Red steals the show as the big bow takes us way outside the lip-lines in dramatic form. Caught up in a free-fall of fantasy this story celebrates the high times of hope. Anthony Turner invites us on a ride with head-gear that includes a cocophony of crafted crowns. Coiffure casts a spell, honoring the past while paying tribute to the future. Blonde and black collide in this two-toned trip of color and chaos. Standing out from the crowd, Lili Sumner’s Mohawk is bleached to extinction as she wears her rebel force with pride. Spiked dews deliver the most defining imagery with pictures that tell a tale of time gone by. Longs locks call to our freedom of movement, while the more pumped up pompadours speak to an inner strength. Lina Hoss captures the tone of the times siting in a dark room only lit by the light of her eyes. While many crowd scenes are enlightened with a vivid sense of satisfaction, some of the quieter shots are sequestered in stunning silence.

Simmering sexiness… emotions implode… feelings subside… as anger explodes. Beauty brandishes in black and white as all things go silent in the dead of the night. Music ignites my feelings inside as noone can hide from the ‘Cherry Bombz’ of pride.

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